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Customer Reviews

When it comes to taking care of your car, SUV, truck, van or hybrid we strive for excellence. As one of the best auto repair shops in Seattle (Seattle Magazine), we work hard to live up to our high expectations. Whether you have a foreign car or domestic car, we will treat you and your car with respect and care. But don't take our word for it - read what customers are saying about our Seattle and Bothell auto repair shops and technicians. We look forward to you being our next success story! Bring your car to our convenient Seattle or Bothell location and have it serviced today!

Customer for Life

"I have been with them for twenty years, and they have always been absolutely trustworthy, honest, and provided excellent repairs."

~ Riku, Seattle, WA


"Very friendly, did a good job, delivers promptly, and the rates are always fair."

~ Kathi, Bothell, WA

Mechanics That Are Honest and Trustworthy

"I've been going to NW Automotive for about 4 years. As a women, I've often dealt with inflated bills at other shops for items that I did not order - I have never had to deal with that here. I have a trusty 2000 Corolla, and it rarely has problems - unless I take it somewhere else, and suddenly there is a litany of issues to resolve.

"It has been clear to me in the time that I have used them that they have never pushed for any extra work. Ever.

"They also have coupons online for their oil changes."

~ Grace S., Seattle, WA

Goes Above and Beyond

"They were very knowledgeable and went above and beyond. They are kind of a smaller operated place and they made me feel like I wasn't a number and I was well taken care of. They do a great job."

~ Amanda, Bothell, WA

Thorough, Quality Work

"These guys are serious about quality, don't overlook a thing, and provide the best service I have ever received. I'd be a customer for life if I hadn't moved away."

~ J Edwards, Seattle, WA

Honest Auto Repair Service at a Fair Price

"Doug and the staff was very thorough and provided a rather comprehensive kind of snap shot of how your vehicle is performing. He is definitely the type of mechanic, where you would take your car in to where your car was at two hundred thousand miles, if you do what he says. He is very preventative. Not the cheapest men on the block, but he really takes care of you."

~ Joel, Bothell, WA

Great Work and Great Service

"Raoul the Manager was very helpful, he took his time with me and that seems to be rare these days. I had seen several other mechanic shops before stopping in to see Northwest Automotive. He explained in detail exactly what my BMW needed, the other shops told me to take it to the dealer. He fixed the issue and I am very happy with the service!"

~ Tyler T., Seattle, WA

Great Job done Promptly

"I thought they did a great job. They pretty much found what was wrong with it, and let me know. It was good. Very quick turnaround."

~ Dan, Seattle

Hooked Me Up!

"I've been around a long time and have had my fair share of car repairs. NW Automotive is my fav. They have gone above and beyond on a number of occasions. Not only that, they were recommended to me by another mechanic.

"My '98 Mercedes C280 is having a number of cosmetic issues in addition to regular maintenance. The gas cap lock sticks (used to), the passenger door lock popped out (did), and trunk lost it's...juice? and would free fall and slam shut. Can you say, watch your fingers/head? Doug and Raoul 'hooked a sistah up!" at little or no cost.

"The really big issue was no working windshield wiper. From all my research, a $1000 idea. Doug said, "let us look at". "Nah, windshield wipers are for wimps", I said. "My Rainx and I are doing okay." He asked me 3 times before I reluctantly agreed. Less than $200 later, I'm whole again. Not only am I telling all my friends but anybody else who will listen. They do stellar work at a fair price. Now if I could only get Doug to renew his NFIB membership..."

~ Karen S., Edmonds, WA

Good Work Done On Time

"They were very good, patient, helpful, and everything was done on time."

~ David, Seattle, WA

Caring Mechanics Delivering Honest Work at a Fair Price

"Raoul fixed a botched oil change for me in less than 24 hours after I had my car towed in. I run a cleaning business, and rely on my car quite a bit. Originally I was told that it would be a couple days til he could get to it, but I think he saw my situation as I was taking my supplies out of my car, looking dismayed I'm sure. I got a call much sooner than I expected with good news. He also pointed out a couple wiring/light issues and fixed them for me. I spent most of last night worrying about how I was going to run my business with no car, but Raoul's call was a huge relief! Turns out it was just an overfilled oil reservoir; I was fearing the worst. I now know who I will be taking my car to from here on out for oil changes and whatever else comes up. This business does honest work for a fair price with no games or up selling. Thanks to Raoul, I now have a car to go to work in for the rest of the week: saved me on a rental. I would highly recommend this mechanic!"

~ Joy S., Seattle, WA

Great Service with No Pressure

"They have great service... They fix my car and don't pressure me into doing anything else. They don't do anything extra without asking."

~ Edwin, Bothell, WA

We look forward to YOU being our next success story!

Contact us today to talk with a certified master automotive technician in our Seattle or Bothell location to have your foreign or domestic car, truck, van, SUV, or hybrid serviced today!

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